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Get A One-Off Deep Clean in Newark.

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One-Off Deep Clean: Services
One-Off Deep Clean: Services

Our Cleaning Checklist

One-Off Deep Cleaning and After Builders Cleaning Guide


The first job is to take care of dust and dirt. The best way to do this is to wipe rooms from top to bottom. We remove cobwebs from ceilings and corners and dust from reachable surfaces. We clean wardrobes, shelving and cupboards, wipe dust and dirt from the top of doors, wipe the dust from the top of picture frames, and wipe and polish mirrors, pictures, and other wall hangings.

If you have lots of little ornaments, please let us know, as cleaning them is time-consuming and may cost more. We follow this cleaning process:


  • Wipe off the dust from skirting boards and decorations.

  • Dust off all light fittings and lampshades.

  • Clean and polish metal ornaments.

  • We wipe and polish the switches, carefully clean power sockets and extension cords.

  • We mop hard floors and laminate floors.


The bathrooms dirt and mildew are most visible and can be the hardest to clean. Toilets, showers, tiles, and baths should be cleaned and polished as well as possible. Summer Clean Services follows this process:


  • Clean basins, taps, and fittings.

  • Remove hard water stains from all surfaces.

  • Remove limescale if present.

  • Scrub and rinse soap dispensers.

  • Wipe and polish radiators and towel rails.

  • Scrub and rinse toilet and bidet.

  • Clean plumbing behind toilet if reachable.

  • Wipe marks and stains from shower screens.

  • Scrub and rinse bath marks and signs of mildew.

  • Make sure to clean drains.

  • Wipe and polish mirrors and glass surfaces.

  • Descale, rinse and wipe showerheads, taps and metal surfaces Scrub and rinse dirt from the toothbrush area.

  • Clean extractor fans.

  • Wipe reachable bathroom tiles.

One-Off Deep Clean: Services


Cleaning the kitchen is a big job. Your kitchen is most likely to be the most used room, not to mention the most heavily exposed to various germs and dirt. Our step-by-step guide is as follows:


  • Wash and polish all worktops, countertops, and the sink area.

  • Clean the inside of cupboards, drawers, and shelving.

  • Wash and polish sinks, and shine taps.

  • Remove limescale.

  • De-grease and polish wall tiles.

  • Remove mould growth between grouts.

  • Scrub gas rings and gas control knobs.

  • Clean microwaves, inside and out.

  • Clean out the fridge and freezer. We will wipe around your Fridge, but we are not responsible for taking the food out and putting it back in.

  • Clean the washing machine inside and out.

  • Clean the dishwasher inside and out.

  • Clean exterior of all appliances.

  • Clean outside of cupboards and drawers.

  • Wipe down sills, ledges, and frames.

  • Wipe dirt from the woodwork; doors, handles, doorframes, furnishings, and skirting boards.

  • Wipe down radiators if applicable and accessible.

  • Remove dust from plugs and light switches.

  • Vacuum, mop, and polish floors.


You will need to check your tenancy agreement regarding your responsibilities on cleaning appliances. If appliances are extra soiled, please let us know as this may cost more. We help you deep clean your appliances as follows:

The Dishwasher

  • Clean the dishwasher of food and soap deposits.

  • Remove all dirt, mildew, and food deposits.

  • Inspect and clean filters.

  • Wipe the rubber seal.

  • Move it and clean underneath and behind.

  • Wipe the soap dispenser drawer and remove marks and stains.

  • Wipe down handles.

The Tumble Dryer

  • Clean inside and out.

  • Inspect the rubber seal.

  • Clean the soap dispenser drawer.

  • Inspect and clean the filter.

  • Ovens and microwaves.

  • Clean and de-grease oven, extractor fan, hob, and grill.

  • Clean and de-grease the microwave.

  • Scrub off food deposits and grime.

  • Clean grill-pan and oven racks.

  • Clean the inside of both the oven and microwave. Inspect and wipe the rubber seals.

  • Inspect and wipe all buttons.

  • Clean exterior and remove stains and marks.

The Toaster Clean

  • Wipe and polish the exterior.

  • Remove any food deposits and bread crumb leftovers.

  • Clean within as much as possible.

  • De-grease handles.

  • Remove grime.

One-Off Deep Clean: Services

Living Room

We clean your living room as follows:


  • Remove cobwebs from ceilings and walls.

  • Clean and polish mirrors and picture frames.

  • Clean sills, ledges.

  • Wipe down doors and clean on top of doors.

  • Clean skirting boards and wood works of dust.

  • Clean light switches & fittings, lamp shades, plugs, sockets.

  • Clean inside, behind and on top of cupboards.

  • Clean behind and under furniture.

  • Dust and polish all surfaces, vacuum and mop hard floors.


Landlords or their letting agents will pick up dirty furnishings upon their inspections. You must carefully wipe, vacuum, and clean all furnishings.


  • Wipe and polish tables, countertops, and other worktop surfaces.

  • Make sure you remove all fingerprints and marks.

  • Look out for oil stains.

  • Move all furnishings to vacuum underneath.

  • Wipe and polish all wooden units.

One-Off Deep Clean: Services

Cupboards & Drawers

It is easy to forget to clear a drawer or cupboard that you do not use often. We always inspect each drawer, cupboard, and shelf.

If you have lots of food or tins in the cupboard, we kindly ask you to remove all items so we can wipe the surfaces. If there are a few tins, we can clean around them. We follow these steps in cleaning your cupboards and drawers:


  • Clear drawers inside and out.

  • Remove any unnecessary items or leftover goods. Wipe down the inside and out.

  • Wipe around handles.

Little Details

There are many small tasks you need to remember, with an end-of-tenancy deep clean, so that you get your full deposit back.

As a tenant, ensure to tick off everything on this cleaning checklist. Check your tenancy agreement first to have a good chance of getting your full deposit back when you move out.


Remember to:

  • Clean and dry all kitchen tiles.

  • Get rid of leftover rubbish.

  • Rinse out rubbish bins.

  • De-grease fans and extractors.

One-Off Deep Clean: Services

Above is a list of all the areas included in the Deep Cleaning services we offer. As mentioned above, please let us know the level of dust or dirt so we can quote the appropriate cost.

If there is something extra that you would like to add, get in touch with us.

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Call Summer Clean Services on 07725 950366 for one-off deep cleaning services today in Newark, Nottingham and Lincolnshire.
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